How to write a QA Report and not die trying

1. Create a dynamic report

The less work you need to do on your own, the better. Automate as many processes as you can.
Testrail (And surely every Test Management Tool) has a great HTML based report that let’s you create one from one or several Test Runs and looks like this:

2. Use Jira filters

If you use a tool like Jira to track the process of the tickets, use the advanced search to query by Bugs, by User Stories or by all the tickets created by you. The possibilities are endless really. This can come handy to show the progress on the amount of open bugs, status and progress.
For example, you can show how many tickets are left for a sprint, how many are ready for QA, how many are still under Dev team. Give full transparency and avoid unnecessary questions.

3. Add an overall Status for the Project

The QA opinion matters more than you think. Don’t be afraid to state yours about the status of the project in regards to the issues, progress and time left. The stakeholders or business in most cases wouldn’t dare to move into Production or UAT without the QA Sign off, knowing that it might mean sending bugs and untested features into Production, and if you think the product is not ready you can say so.
Usually setting a color for every status is enough:

4. Add your timelines

Give visibility on the date by when you have to finish your testing. This can be your UAT date, Production date, the day they need to remove the code from your environment, etc. This will help everyone else to get some context and understand the overall status.

5. Mix and Match

Maybe it’s another type of chart, numbers instead of colors or amount of total test cases instead of execution rate. It doesn’t matter, you can adapt the report to whatever works for you and your team.
Mix this items into an email or page (like Confluence) and send the link daily, weekly, whenever is needed to the people involved (PM, Product Owner, Stakeholders, rest of the QA team, Tech Lead, Team Leads) to keep them updated on your work. It will make yours and their work easier, and you will have a safe space to speak your voice.



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