4 QA interview questions they will definitely ask you

I’ve been in a lot of interviews myself (Both as the interviewed and the interviewer) and the questions tend to repeat themselves more often than not. Take a look below and see if you also faced one of this questions or check them out if you have an interview coming soon:

1. Difference between priority and severity

Short answer: Severity is “the degree of impact that a defect has on the development or operation of a component or system.” Priority is “the level of (business) importance assigned to an item”.

I always use an example to make this answer more clear (and to remember it) which is: High severity can be a bug related to an entire page not working, but that page can be the “About us” page at a website. The priority for the business might be low, because this is not impacting the product or revenue.
Maybe a button not working is low severity but high priority, because that button could be the “add to cart” one.

2. Know your words: Types of Testing

This is the opportunity to let them know you are familiar with some of the theory. Here they might ask you about types of testing in regards on what you do on a daily basis (Functional, Regression, Automated, Smoke, Integration testing) and could be also an opportunity to talk about White box and Black box testing and other testing techniques, such as Boundary Value, Decision table, Exploratory, etc.

If you want to learn more about the basics you can find more info here.

3. What to report when reporting a bug

Oh the sweet feeling of finding a bug.
A common question is what is the lifecycle of a bug like. In most places would be something like this:

a. Find the bug and discuss with the developer / Business Analyst to confirm.
b. Report the bug in the Management tool (Jira, Bugzilla Azure, Katalon, etc.) with the following information (title, description, steps to reproduce, actual and expected result and evidence).
c. Assign it to the Dev.
d. Wait for the bug to be fixed.
e. Retest and close.

4. Imaginary test cases for an imaginary scenario

The login screen is the most used in many interviews. They present the imaginary scenario where you need to create the test cases.
What would they be?

a. Username and password input requirements (Do they take only letters, only numbers, special characters, which ones)
b. Leave them empty. Does any error message appear? Validate them as well.
c. Length of the text boxes. Min and Max characters allowed.
d. Recover and forget password links. Are they working?
e. Labels. UI validation. Are they meeting the design?
f. Functionality: Does it work? Where is it redirecting?

Good luck!



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